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Query: Israel Gaza Hamas Middle East... The headlines these few days had covered much on the 'invasion' of Israel of Gaza. The upheaval in Middle East has been going on for many years. Will there be any peace at all in near future between Israel and the Muslim world?

Vijay Kumar:
The present terrorism world over would end rather precipitate in world war 3! Why? What makes us feel that terrorism in its present form may escalate resulting into a world war 3! The reason for the same is apparent! Anarchy rules the present state of affairs world over. Not a single country... community or an individual remains unaffected!

For long... innocents world over have been tormented by the perpetrators of crime! Adharma (lawlessness) has become order of the day! Things are practically beyond control. United States of America... the superpower number one is on the brink of economic collapse. To be precise... total collapse!

For long United States of America has supported Pakistan... the fomenter of terrorism world over! Pakistan is the kingpin directly supported by players of power in China. Most Muslim countries support Pakistan. The history of China is tainted with untruthfulness. One simply cannot faith Chinese people... they are beyond repair!

Massacring their own people... innocent students in Tiananmen Square... not one or two... but tens of thousands speaks of itself! Attacking India in 1962... In the name of friendship was the biggest farce played by Chinese. Can such people ever be trusted by anyone world over. Still, the entrepreneur's of United States of America considered it wise to establish industries in China. They failed to visualize long-term effects. With passage of time China would blackmail all!

In the system of God almighty... there is no chance for error... not for foul play! Intermittently terrorism and wrong practices seem overtaking Dharma (righteousness) but in the end... it is Dharma (righteousness) that wins... So is the destiny of mankind! The decision of the Americans at large relating to China have been wrong... none can save them if they suffer!

United States of America has long pestered Pakistan not only financially but also armed it militarily not realizing its folly! The ISI of Pakistan and terrorism go hand-in-hand. It would be foolhardy to think they are separate. In the last about 50 years... the growth of Pakistan has been practically nil! Controlled by military dictators... the Islamic militia... the economy of Pakistan lay in ruins! What if the much-needed annual aid from United States of America gets a jolt!

Barack Obama... the new incumbent for the post of President of the United States of America has promised to search for Osama bin laden... to hunt for Osama bin laden... until terrorism is nipped in the bud. Mounted with the bulldog determination of Winston Churchill... Barack Obama... one almost 10 times stronger than the present president George W. Bush... would create havoc in Pakistan!

In the circumstances to hope Israel would get the same support from United States of America is living on borrowed hope! In the fight between Dharma and adharma... righteousness and lawlessness... every country needs catering for self! What when terrorists inflict an intractable blow to United States of America... about 5 million perishing overnight!

Need not necessarily be an atomic bomb... even few liters of lethal Sarin Gas can cause as much damage... almost equivalent of an atomic bomb! United States of America has played the game of proxy since long. It has pampered Pakistan... the kingpin of terrorism world wide for no reason or rhyme. WTC was only a precursor to the events to come.

In absence of much needed aid from United States of America... Pakistan, truly turned pauper would strike back with fury. The harm inflicted on United States of America would be without precedence. It would trigger world war 3... A full-scale nuclear war between Christianity and Islamic Dharma!

Had United States of America followed the doctrine of Bhagavad Gita in practice... the militia world over would not have armed itself as of now! United States of America truly awaits a bad fate... something that can never be reversed in the history of mankind! With the coming of Barack Obama... an absolutely upright leader, Pakistan would practically bite the dust!

So would Israel! In absence of much needed support from United States of America... Israel would forever lament its wrong policies of occupying lands of neighboring countries! Surrounded from all sides by Islamic countries... Israel would practically be annihilated from the world map in world war 3. Israel as a country has a breather only until the start of world war 3! What lay beyond is simply a guess!

In the past 10 to 15 years... all Muslim countries of the world have united! On the surface everything appears calm... yet, the fomenter of terrorism world wide... Pakistan and China are fully prepared! One directly supports terrorism by recruiting terrorists on its soil... the other providing financial and tactical support (the much needed nuclear technology).

The United States of America has long overlooked the wrongdoings of Pakistan and the vetoing in UN by China. This neglect would prove very costly not only for United States of America but for United States of America and all its ally countries! The might of Pakistan and China supported by all Muslim countries would be felt by all in world war 3.

Still, Dharma (righteousness) would prevail in the end! With the support of India and Russia (the erstwhile Soviet Union)... the terrorists would finally bite dust! World war 3 has been long in making. In most countries world over... those in power... politics, administration or policing... not only lack moral character but are totally corrupt!

Happen whatever may... come whatever may... Dharma (righteousness would finally win the end! Cheats are never rewarded by God Almighty! In a war of Dharma (righteousness) and adharma (lawlessness)... it is honesty, sincerity, patience persistence and perseverance that finally pave way for winning the end!

Presently world is witnessing three fronts that have opened against terrorism. Pakistan playing a proxy war in India through the Bombay siege, attack on LTTE by Sri Lankan forces and Israel attacking Hamas... the renegade's! Presently Sri Lankan forces and also Israel would win... but what when the opposite forces rearmed!

The sufferings that have been inflicted on the Muslim world in the past many years by Israel have never been overlooked by these countries. For every single folly on the part of United States of America... it will have to pay in blood. Providing financial support to Pakistan has been the biggest mistake ever committed by the political pundits of United States of America.

Time is ripe for United States of America to recognize its folly. It is not within the powers of the ignorant George W. Bush to initiate strong measures against Pakistan... but Barack Obama will! In the past about hundred years, United States of America has not produced a better president than Barack Obama... the African-American... the one with a will to do or die!

The trio of Barack Obama president, Hillary Clinton secretary of state and Robert Gates Defense Secretary is a very lethal combination! The combination of three shall prove their worth in coming times. Let God Almighty side with those remaining truthful all along. The situation world over is very precarious... terrorism is baring its fangs all over.

Every single human being in the circumstances must do ones karma at its best! Those who fail in their karma will perish... So says the law of karma! In a Kali Yuga... the present metal age... only those indulging in Punya karma (positive karma) all the time would survive! Those with a negative balance of karma would find one at the receiving end!

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... One who realized self in his life time! Send your query!

A to Z of Israel Gaza Hamas Middle East explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on invasion can be found at : Kalki Bhagavan  ... Vijay Kumar - 5th June 2010.

Full text of query: The headlines these few days had covered much on the 'invasion' of Israel of Gaza. The upheaval in Middle East has been going on for many years. Will there be any peace at all in near future between Israel and the Muslim world?

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