End of Kaliyuga

Query: End of Kaliyuga... Till earlier I believed there are still many lakh years more for kaliyug to get over. I had heard & read from some Jain Sadhu that at the end of Kaliyuga the time will be very bad, there will be increase in crime & thefts. Has Bhagavan Kalki already taken birth or HE will manifest himself directly?

Vijay Kumar:
It would be more appropriate if you read related essays on my website with much more attention! I have covered every conceivable topic related to Bhagwan Kalki, the Kali Yuga and the manifestation of Bhagwan Kalki around 2012. Whenever the society ebb to its lowest... and the chances of humanity regaining its lost power is minimal... it is during such times comes the messiah... the Avatar of the era (god manifest in human form)... the savior of mankind!

Bhagwan Kalki... the messiah... the savior... the Avatar... does not generate from nowhere. One amongst us... An ordinary mortal... makes ones ordained duty to take care of mankind at large. Such a humble one... full of humility for fellow brethren... leaving nothing to chance shall surface on Mother Earth! Dharma (righteousness) must be re-established at all costs. In the fight between Dharma and adharma (lawlessness)... the good always prevails over evil.

Bhagwan Kalki would not be the entertainer of the era. No miracles... it will only be logistics that rule the roost. Such would be the power... the clout of messiah of the era... almost 2000 million people would follow him... come whatever may! The tumbling society looks forward to God Almighty to send a savior. None wants to take the responsibility.

In present times... the Kali Yuga... the dark age... one is always concerned about welfare of mankind... none wanting to improve self. In the circumstances... can society continue any further with all developments in vogue? The call of the day is... never look beyond! Every single individual human being must improve upon self... each one of us has to bid our duty... never leaving things to chance.

If all human beings take upon themselves to improve their individual self... that and very day the whole society... the humanity at large would become an improved lot! But, none wants to improve thy self... while remaining corrupt morally and financially... we hope the society improves by itself. We are presently looking into a dark tunnel with no end in sight.

We seem to have reached a point of no return! The lessons can only be learnt after terror strikes. A full scale nuclear war between Christianity and Islamic Dharma in near vicinity will become the order of the day. 1200 million people perishing in the coming world war 3... The society would finally learn the bitter lesson... beyond 2014 is Satyuga (the golden period).

I again repeat... do not wait for the dark times... the culmination of all things materialistic! Do your part... indulge in your part of duty at its best... it is only then the remaining society would heave a sigh of relief! Unless we do our part... our part of karma... no point waiting for the outcome of coming of Bhagwan Kalki... the messiah of the era!

Whether we live or die... totally depends upon our karma in present life... and the effects of Prarabdha karma of all the previous manifestations undertaken by our soul atman. Life in the cosmic domain is not a matter of chance or disordered (as stated by Stephen Hawking in his famous book... a brief history of Time)... life in the cosmic system is totally based upon logistics... as we perform... so shall our future be!

The law of karma demands... as we sow so shall we reap... nothing less or more! Most human beings continue waiting for the future to manifest its best. How can that be? We fail to understand how our tomorrow can be better than today when most things are happening beyond our control.

If the stock prices are going down... they shall further lower! If the prices of land and the real estate is touching rock bottom... then they shall further fathom the unknown depths. Having reached a point of no return... to live in a fool's paradise is no fun. Let us do our part... live life at its best with harmony towards each other. Harboring ill will towards others does not mean anything in present times.

Rogues must be punished... So is the call of the day! The jackals and the terrorists will meet the same fate. In a civilized society there is no chance of error. One who has traumatized the society will pay for it in blood... be it the polished politicians, bureaucrats or police force! Time has come for the commoner to pick arms in favor of justice. Truth shall always prevail in the end.

But... we need to do our duty being foremost of all requisites of the day!

God bless all.

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... One who realized self in his life time! Send your query!

A to Z of End of Kaliyuga explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on kaliyug can be found at : Kalki Bhagavan  ... Vijay Kumar - 5th June 2010.

Full text of query: Till earlier I believed that there are still many many years.....lakhs of years more for kaliyug to get over. I had heard & read from some Jain Sadhu that at the end of Kaliyuga the time will be very bad, there will be increase in crime & thefts & the average height of man will be 3 feet & the average age of man will be reduced to 15 years. Has Bhagwan Kalki already taken birth or HE will manifest himself directly?

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