Ghor Kaliyuga

Query: Ghor Kaliyuga... You've said in one of your replies that ghor kaliyuga has started and will last for about 2-3 years. I wanted to know what details that information is based upon. I was just researching a theory and would love to know if the vedas spoke anything about it.

Vijay Kumar:
Do not look for spiritual information literally. You may never find it! Spirituality is the path that is traveled by serious seekers of spirituality having absolute faith in God Almighty. And why must I faith God Almighty in totality? For the simple reason we trust the fragrance of a flower. We cannot see the smell of a flower... yet feel its presence... similarly; the presence of God Almighty can be felt all over.

As per the scriptures... we have thousands and thousands of years to go before the end of Kali Yuga occurs. How is it possible for Kali Yuga to end so early? Can we say how many years further... human beings would be able to travel in space rather transport themselves into space as in Star Trek series? Maybe thousands or millions of years into the future!

My guess is based upon the developments of science taking place as of now. What if mankind is able to transport itself to distant stars and planets within a few years from now? Either I am proved wrong... or my guess was absolutely absurd! None of the two! Neither my guess was wrong... nor did developments of science happen all of a sudden.

What is actually happening is... the time period between guesses and the actual happening is getting shorter day by day. Whatever we envisage to occur a few years from now might happen tomorrow. The developments in science are taking place at a very brisk pace... something absolutely unfathomable.

Kali Yuga is not something to be deciphered literally. We are seeing it happen every day. Adharma (lawlessness) is at its peak... the law and order situation has totally broken down. With no relief in sight... things can be put back to order through a renaissance... a total revolution and for this reason the coming of Bhagwan Kalki... an Avatar of the era (God manifest in human form) becomes a necessity.

The end of every Kali Yuga... the end of anarchy is mandated by a full-scale nuclear war... a fight to the finish between Christianity and Islamic Dharma. During the times of Lord Krishna... almost similar conditions existed. To uphold Dharma (righteousness)... the coming of Lord Krishna then... and the coming of Bhagwan Kalki now has been necessitated.

To come out of chaos... for the humanity to learn its vital lessons... to re maintain the order... the essence of Bhagavad Gita plays a dominant role. To re-establish Dharma... to re-establish order in the society... the present circumstances... the world powers that be shall confront terrorism... the rogue nations at its roots.

Time has come... rather ripened for United States of America to recognize its folly of funding Pakistan... not realizing that it is not funding a sovereign country but terror itself. Every single funding USA made to Pakistan landed itself in the hands of the so-called protectors of religion... the jihadis! Blasting schools and hospitals and killing innocents is becoming the order of the day!

To differentiate truth from untruth is not very difficult. The so-called desire of USA to nip terrorism in its roots does not have any relevance as long as USA continues to provide monetary support to Pakistan for whatever purpose it is. The day... Pakistan feels the pinch of nuclear missiles targeted by USA... all would be over for Pakistan!

Adharma... lawlessness... anarchy cannot survive for long. The day comes when a jackal finds itself at the receiving end. There is always a day for an Ant... When it leashes its terror on the elephant! The time is almost ripe for society to bear the onslaught of negative actions people have practiced for long.

We are presently passing through the ghor Kali Yuga phase of life when the clock rings 4.15 a.m. in the morning. The darkest hour of the night is yet to pass through. Come 2012... And the world would witness the end of ghor Kali Yuga and the society entering the Chatham Chatta phase of life... which for all practical purposes means... a complete revolution!

The ghor Kali Yuga stage can never end without a world war. After world war three has ended... around 2014... The world shall witness the dawn of a new era... a new age with spirituality at its peak. The clock finally rings 6 a.m. in the morning... when the rays of the morning sun announce a golden chapter in the history of mankind... the start of Satyuga... the golden period!

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... One who realized self in his life time! Send your query!

A to Z of Ghor Kaliyuga explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on vedas can be found at : Kalki Bhagavan  ... Vijay Kumar - 5th June 2010.

Full text of query: You've said in one of your replies that ghor kaliyuga has started and will last for about 2-3 years. I wanted to know what details that information is based upon. Also, could i please know when that answer was written so i could calculate which year it would be. I don't mean to sound skeptical, but i was just researching a theory and would love to know if the vedas spoke anything about it.

i've added the post i was referring to below:

Kaliyuga has already ended and we are passing through the stage of Ghor Kaliyuga which is likely to end in a short while from now ... a maximum of 2~3 years. The scriptures are to be interpreted in the light of scientific developments taking place in the present Era.

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