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Vijay Kumar:
Yes, many people world over like in Jainism deny the existence of God for the simple reason that Cosmos seems to exist from times immemorial. Jainism does not believe in the fact that all was created by God Almighty. Jainism scriptures decry the fact for they believe everything in the Cosmos exists from times immemorial. According to Jainism there is no Creator of the world.

In a way they are right. Seeing the other side of coin... we can definitely say there is a Creator. By Creator we do not mean the physical existence of a power that we term as God Almighty. It is simply bestowing our prayers to Almighty... a powerful source of energy which runs the whole Cosmos.

God Almighty does not have a form... it can never have one! It is simply a cluster of powerful energy source. Believing or not believing is like two sides of the same coin. From the angle of one... the glass is half full! For the other... the glass is half empty! Both mean the same. In our physical manifested world everyone believes in a source of power. Some term it as God Almighty... others as a Cosmos without a beginning!

The power still exists... we all know that! Whenever we pray seriously... we do get our rewards. It was only possible when something reacted to our requests... our beliefs!

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... One who realized self in his life time! Send your query!

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