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About thousand years later the tree of Dharma developed its first branch and Mahavira... the 24th preceptor of Jainism came into being! The following of Mahavira was termed as Jainism. Although 23 preceptors of Jainism came earlier to Mahavira but Jainism is primarily recognized by the teachings of Mahavira during whose time the words of wisdom percolated to the masses!

Until the 23rd Tirthankara (preceptor)... the wisdom remained limited to the individual self! Broadly speaking the roots of Jainism gained firm footing only in the times of Mahavira... never before! If the teachings of Krishna... Sacred Bhagavad Gita contained 16 principles of life than Mahavira probably adopted (rather followed)... 14 or 12 principles!

Dharma ki Paribhasha - Dharma definition (Video by Vijay Kumar)

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