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Query: US economy... Now in USA... the US economy was doing really good at that time. But now, the times have totally changed & US economy has slunked down very badly...the job market has gone really bad & I am without a job. What decision must I take regarding my future?

Vijay Kumar:
Humanity is presently passing through a difficult phase of life... one that happens once in about 3500 years. We are almost passing through the Kali Yuga phase of life which is about to end. Beyond the end of Kali yuga is Chatham Chatta phase of life (which as per Jaina doctrines is a phase in life when the inevitable happens... the world faces the most ugliest phase of life... the start of world war 3... the phase of reconnaissance forever!

The world is about to enter the Chatham Chatta phase in 2012 when humanity faces a full scale nuclear war between Christianity and Islamic Dharma. In the circumstances... maintaining a financial equilibrium world over is extremely difficult. One must indulge in a profession dear to our heart for in unpleasant times... one can hope to survive indulging in something dear to us... never otherwise!

The world war can delay... and so can Chatham Chatta phase of life but it is never an unending process. World war 3 should have started around 1998~1999 but it never happened. Probably prayers world over increased... which delayed the coming of bad times! In the present... one must never wait for anything... whatever is at hand... whatever our soul atman prompts from within... we must get ahead in life!

Continuing waiting for better times is not the best option presently. It shall never be. Humanity has yet to see the darkest hour of the night... when it is around 5 a.m. in the morning... the ghor Kali yuga phase of life... when every individual has to cater for self! However, not everything is lost! Come 6 a.m.... and humanity witnesses the dawn of a new era... the Satyuga phase of life (the golden period).

Beyond 2014 humanity would witness the new age... the golden era... a devastated world with almost 1200 million people wiped out! Yet, the presence of Bhagwan Kalki... the showman of the present era would have its benefits. The lure and glare of gold would be passé! Mankind would realize its folly forever. Keeping everything in mind... the coming future... one must prepare self for the hard times ahead.

I had just returned from Chicago after spending quite some time with my daughters. Times are really hard for everyone particularly in USA. Such financial difficulties have never been faced by the present generation Americans. The oncoming depression would be much severe than the American depression of 1929... Something that shall shake human beings at their roots!

As is our karma... so shall be our future! In most circumstances of life our soul atman that resides within our heart is the best guide. Only those truthful to self can hear the sweet small inner voice of our soul atman that seems to come from within our heart. Prompted by this voice... one can clear any hurdles in life! No matter what, I have always found the promptings of our soul atman always turning out to be the best in all circumstances.

When I started in search of God 13 years of age... I had no inkling what it was all about! Reaching the stage of Swami Vivekananda or Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa was being magnanimous. Despite all discouragements throughout life, I continued my search for God. I was willing to bid goodbye to everything in life including my family... that meaning my parents, brothers and sisters!

Mighty are the ways of God Almighty... I finally realized God in 1993 even while living within the family! Still, I have a long way to go before I accomplish the task I was sent for by God Almighty. Realizing God by no means was easy as many people think. Gaining enlightenment is truly traveling the path of thorns throughout. None to guide... one travels the path towards God all alone! It is this secluded journey which dissuades many to abandon the path.

Pray to God... seek his blessings! Prayers are never a one-way path. Promise God Almighty something in return. Honest prayers always get answered. Be truthful towards your real self... your soul atman residing within your heart... you shall accomplish every goal of your life!

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... One who realized self in his life time! Send your query!

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Full text of query: Right now I am in USA... the US economy was doing really good at that time. But now, the times have totally changed & US economy has slunked down very badly... the job market has gone really bad & I am without a job from a very long time. I am not sure what decision I must take regarding my future?

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