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Query: Do you believe everyone has a matching soulmate?

Vijay Kumar:
Yes, every single individual living on Mother Earth has a partner in hiding... a soulmate that would practically match hundred percent with one! This has been a saying by people falling in love now and always. But this is also the truth. God made the destiny of mankind like that.

Suppose I am a boy born at number 43.045230345 (on the scale of hundred) amongst the billions of people living on Mother Earth. Then in all eventualities there would be many girls born at number 43. Whether I get to love and marry the girl of my choice is purely dependent upon my destiny which is a controversial subject (one can always take control of ones destiny if we truly desire so)!

Now, how do I find all girls at number 43...? This is where we falter... the numbering system of God being hidden from mankind... it becomes difficult to find my soulmate matching our choice and results in divorces, the divorce rate being abnormally high.

In the present materialistic trend one weighs the other from his finances, the bank balance, looks and alike. In the domain of God if we really want to search our soulmate... it may be hidden in the ugly frog for God may have cast a spell on it and unable to recognize one we marry the wrong girl! This is the irony of fate of most people world over.

Those who can hear the sweet small inner voice coming from their heart... the voice of our soul (atman in Hinduism) such truthful people sometimes are able to recognize their soulmate. And it is then we learn that a Mira Bai has been born. Mira Bai was a faithful follower and lover of Lord Krishna even though Lord Krishna was married and had a wife.

The love of Mira Bai for Lord Krishna was unparalleled. It was much above physical inhibitions expressed nowadays. For Mira Bai... sex had no role to play in the love she had for Lord Krishna. This is what pure love is all about!

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... One who realized self in his life time! Send your query!

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