Karma Sutra

Karma Sutra... the most important precept of spirituality is that inherent ingredient of cosmic system that controls every single action occurring in whole of cosmos. Every single indulgence... no matter how minute... physical or mental gets recorded in books of karma yoga automatically! Karma acts as accountant general of cosmic system!

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  • Bad Karma
    Bad Karma: My husband suddenly died with a heart fail. Why was he chosen to be dead. Is it because of my bad karma that I am unlucky in this birth. Anything I can do to change my karma?
  • Bad Karma Previous Birth
    Bad Karma: If A harms B, does it mean it is because of B's sins in his previous birth or will A accumulate bad Karma? Please clarify
  • Exhaust Karma
    Exhaust Karma: How can I exhaust my Karma... gain salvation moksha in this life! Is it compulsory to go through 8.4 million manifestations to reach the stage of salvation moksha?
  • Karma Previous Births
    Karma previous Births: I have got one question. Is our current life completely dependent on the Karma from all the previous births? Or it depends on the karma attained by the current life as well
  • Karma Yoga
    Karma Yoga: Apart from the earlier details... there are some very important aspects that relate to every religion and broadly mankind! On the path of karma yoga... every human being dwells between the karma index of 7.3000000 and 8.4000000
  • Meaning of Karma
    Meaning of Karma: There may be nothing else for you to learn further but I am far from that stage. So if you could throw a little bit of light on my life situation, my past, karma, my personal obstacles etc, I would be very obliged.