Query: UFOs... Why do so many ufos keep visiting this planet? What do they really want?

Vijay Kumar:
There is nothing like a UFO that exists on Mother Earth or around. It can never be. The concept of UFOs has been built around the fact that the superpowers that are keep on testing their aerial gadgets... to spy on one another. If a secret airplane meant for spying purposes built by USA is discovered by people world over... it is termed a UFO for USA would never admit its existence.

Similarly... a UFO... a secret airplane built for spying by Russians would be termed a UFO by people world over. Russians would never accept the existence of such a spy plane. And why UFO (unidentified flying object) does never exists. Why such a phenomenon is never possible. What is it that prohibits UFOs from other planets... star systems visiting our planet.

In the cosmic system... ever since the Cosmos came into being with a big bang... all souls atmans scattered all over the Cosmos. These hurtling souls' atmans in their cosmic sojourn gathered impurities on the way. To cleanse themselves of the impurities... the dross within every soul atman manifests a series of bodies to work out its karma!

No sooner life supporting planets like Mother Earth become available... souls' atmans start manifesting a body! In the cosmic crux of life similar as transmitting of songs from the central transmitting station... the sound waves reached destination through intermittent relay stations... never directly!

In between the source and the destination lay a series of relay stations which receive and further transmit the signals! Similar is the scenario in the cosmic system. The massive energy with which the big bang occurs leads to our Cosmos still expanding at unimaginable speeds! Imagine about hundred black dots on a blowing balloon. The more you blow... proportionate increase in the distance between the dots.

At no point of time the dots come nearer. In the ever expanding expanse of the Cosmos... all planets... star systems are getting further away from each other. In the circumstances to imagine inter-travel between planets becoming a reality is an absolute myth. Only when we break the light barrier... can we expect inter terrestrial... rather galactic travel possible!

And travel faster than the speed of light in the physical manifest form is totally prohibited. All the souls' atmans manifesting on Mother Earth are governed by the relay commanding station that lies within the centre of the sun. Until human being gains enlightenment... the soul atman can never free itself from the relay station based in sun.

Only after gaining enlightenment... the cosmic travel of the soul atman becomes possible. Having gained enlightenment... the liberated soul atman can travel to any part of the Cosmos within seconds... never before! If all souls' atmans bonded to the relay station in the sun... in the circumstances the possibility of sighting UFOs is absolutely ruled out!

Chances of UFOs from other solar systems visiting us... however developed they be... does not exist! It simply is not possible in the cosmic system... such things are barred by God Almighty! The form of a human being is the highest manifest stage in the cosmic life cycle. It is only in the human form... the soul atman becomes liberated forever from the cycle of birth and death.

The form of a human being is the highest manifest stage in our solar system... the command relay station of this area. In other regions... it is quite possible the form of a cobra is the highest manifest stage before one gains enlightenment and finally salvation. Imagine if the highest intelligent being from other planet... a cobra visits us... how we differentiate between the intelligent aliens visiting us and the local breed infesting our planet.

Those on the path of pure spirituality... realize the ultimate truth of life! Never ponder... simply concentrate on our goal of life... it is only then gaining enlightenment becomes a possibility!

In a nutshell until the dawn of Satyuga (the golden age)... people would continue to sight UFOs... for the animosity that exists between different countries dies its natural death only in a Satyuga! In the present Kali Yuga (the present metal age)... when trust amongst each other is at its lowest ebb... instances of people sighting UFOs is on the increase.

A country needs an army as long as there is fear of the neighboring countries attacking us! It for some reason the fear does not exist... it would be found that the cutback in the army is at its maximum! No fear of neighboring countries attacking us... the presence of an army... rather the need to keep an army ceases to exist!

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... One who realized self in his life time! Send your query!

A to Z of Ufos explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on ufos visiting this planet can be found at UFO Sightings  ... Vijay Kumar - 5th June 2010.

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