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Query: Is Time faster than Thoughts?

Vijay Kumar:
Time on Mother Earth is governed by... rather related by the speed of light. The time traveled by light in one year (in terms of time) is termed as one light year which approximates 9 trillion kilometers. Time is a relative measure and has no fixed parameter. All measurements of time are related to our solar system... the sun and the movement of planets around.

Thought waves travel on frequencies anything higher than the speed of light. For all practical purposes the frequency of thought waves is infinite. From any part of the Cosmos to reach another corner... thought waves take only fraction of a second! Enlightened beings practically live on these thought waves every second of their life.

The moment one gains enlightenment (kaivalya jnana)... our soul atman within gains absolute purity. At this point of time the living human being can travel to any part of the Cosmos as all thoughts floating in ether become available to one. Does this mean an enlightened one can invoke the sacred messages of the earlier enlightened masters! Yes... the truth is so!

One cannot travel physically to any part of the Cosmos. Through the medium of communication... the thought waves... One can practically invoke thoughts from any part of the Cosmos in a fraction of a second. This simply means whatever was stated by Lord Krishna 3600 years ago can be invoked by one by going to the frequency on which Lord Krishna operated.

Similarly an enlightened one can go to the frequency of any person existing on Mother Earth and invoke the thoughts! The prime reason why enlightened masters could read the thoughts of one without interacting verbally and know what the other was thinking! For understanding the structure of thoughts we need to dwell on mind.

The mind of the whole Cosmos is one. No human being or any other living being ever has an independent mind. We all have brains that act as receiving and transmitting station. All thoughts in the Cosmos are relayed by the Central Station... the mind of the Cosmos! The mind of the Cosmos has two compartments... mind plus and mind minus!

Those with a sunny disposition and godly thinking invoke positive thoughts from the reservoir of mind plus. Those indulging in wanton desires (prompted by ego) invoke negative thoughts from reservoir of mind minus. All thoughts are ever floating in ether all over Cosmos. Any human being can invoke any thought by going to that particular frequency.

Invocation of thought is absolutely dependent upon every individual person. As is our residual balance of karma, so is our invocation of thought. We cannot expect guava to grow on a mango tree. Life in the cosmic system is absolutely ordered. At no stage of time the Cosmos is disordered as stipulated by Stephen Hawking in his famous book, "a brief history of time".

Devoid of absolute faith in God almighty... the ignorant physicist fails to analyze the system of God correctly. In the cosmic domain there are no free lunches. Everything results from karma performed by us. If the karma performed by us demands our being born in the house of a laborer in next manifestation... we simply cannot be born a prince!

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... One who realized self in his life time! Send your query!

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