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Query: Bad Karma... If A harms B, does it mean it is because of B's sins in his previous birth or will A accumulate bad Karma? Please clarify.

Vijay Kumar:
In the cosmic system... the workings of two souls' atmans are never interconnected of their own. If the manifested form... the outer garb... the form of a human being does something to another... the same has to neutralize at some stage of life!

If harm has been inflicted upon A by B... then as per the doctrine of karma... B is bound to suffer for the sins committed! What if the residual balance of karma of B from the previous manifestations is positive... in present life B may not suffer it all. As per the complex theory of karma... the fruits of the karma can manifest immediately... after a few years or after few manifestations!

On the earthly plane it would appear to all of us... one indulging in sins all the time is least affected by the sins performed by one... but the truth is not so! The moment the positive residual balance of karma of B depletes... hell breaks loose on such a person! In the world of karma... nothing is left undone... all gets squared up in the end!

If A has been harmed by B... it is most likely A had harmed B in one of the earlier manifestations. This does not mean A takes it for granted and suffers. As per the doctrine of karma... even if we suffer due to a negative balance of karma of previous manifestations... in present life we must enact positive karma all the time to neutralize the bad effects of the negative karma of the previous manifestations.

We must not sit tight... we must counter every sinful attack by peaceful means! This is what forgiveness is all about. This is the only way we can undo the negative karma of the past lives.

When acting in present... we are not supposed to indulge in the past! Whatever has happened in the past has already fructified! If I take birth in the house of a cobbler... all owes its existence to the residual balance of karma of the previous manifestations! If the residual balance of karma demands my taking birth as a prince... none can change my destiny!

However... a part of karma... termed Prarabdha karma does not rectify immediately... it can manifest in any life... in any manifestation... at any stage of life! If a person wins a lottery all of a sudden... it results from the residual balance of positive Prarabdha karma fructifying! If bad fate befalls one all of a sudden... it is negative balance of Prarabdha karma fructifying!

In all the circumstances... for all human beings... it is best we continue indulgence in positive karma (Punya karma) all the time. Does not mean... we do not punish the sinner. No sin goes unpunished in the cosmic system. That is how God Almighty built the Cosmos. The workings of karma are invisible... yet they always fructify now or in the future!

Protecting ourselves from the effects of negative karma of the past lives... when B attacks A... is not wrong! It is our birthright! However, we must not retaliate as the offense may have been done owing to the links of the past life. If we feel... the offence can be forgiven... we must always practice forgiveness to its extreme!

It is only by practice of forgiveness, patience persistence and perseverance... India has retained the spiritual superpower status ever since mankind came into existence! By forgiving one... we are enhancing our cosmic journey... proceeding in the right direction! When to forgive... when not to forgive depends upon the crime committed!

Whenever an act is committed... the karma of both sides gets affected! The commuter of sin incurs a negative balance of karma... whereas the forgiver... a positive balance of karma! It is by sometimes punishing... most of the time forgiving one... we proceed ahead in the journey of life! Mahatma Gandhi became the father of the nation for he practiced forgiveness to its extreme!

By forgiving one... we are nipping the effects of the sin... the karma enacted in the bud! A by forgiving B is neutralizing the negative effects of karma of the previous manifestations that continued from previous births! Unless A learns to forgive B... and the residual balance of karma amongst the two reduces to zero... an inherent conflict would continue between the manifested forms of the two souls!

Bodily A is not responsible for injuries inflicted upon B in previous births. If A is a friend of B in present birth and yet suffers from the injuries inflicted by B... then it is quite possible... that A was the son of B in previous birth... and as the father tortured the son... in present life... B is returning back the karma.

In very rare cases... accidental happenings do happen in the field of karma! Even though a negative balance of karma was absent from previous lives... injury was inflicted by B on A. In the circumstances it is in best interest of A to forgive B so that the fight does not continue further!

The soul atman within a human being is the final master and controller of the body. The voice coming out of our mouth belongs to the soul atman within. By hearing the sweet small inner voice of our soul atman that seems to come from within our heart... most human beings can simplify life... by following the dictates of soul atman within!

Our soul atman always guides us on the right path. By following the dictates of my soul atman... I finally realized God in 1993!

Only when human beings impose their ego upon the dictates of the soul atman within... the problems start! Spiritual beings... the seekers of spirituality let go their ego forever. By subduing ones ego on alter of God... we practically lay ourselves loose in front of God.

By foregoing our will... by absolute submission to God Almighty... human beings can enhance positive experiences in the journey of life! By always remembering it is our soul atman within that is the master and owner of the body... human beings can further their life journey! The art of forgiveness is best practiced when we consider self only as an instrument of God.

Every human being must act as a trustee of God! Nothing belongs to any of us... all belongs to God Almighty! Whether we punish or forgive the doer... our karma would directly affect our future! Why not enact positive karma all the time and reap benefits of Punya karma!

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... One who realized self in his life time! Send your query!

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Full text of query: If A harms B, does it mean it is because of B's sins in his previous birth or will A accumulate bad Karma? Please clarify.

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