The End of the World

Query: End of the World... end of the world in 2012... Is it true?

Vijay Kumar:
Nothing is going to happen tomorrow or day after! The end of the world as we call it is expected around 2012 only. Why? By 2012 the patience of USA would reach its zenith. Unable to exercise more restraint... the expected world war 3 would be a free for all between the followers of Christianity and the Islamic Dharma!

The world war three would not remain limited to nations having majority of Christian or Muslim population. Every single human being on Mother Earth would suffer on account of world war 3. A full scale nuclear war... a fight to the finish between Christianity and Islamic Dharma would result in 1200 million people perishing from the world stage!

A man-made calamity of unbelievable proportions... the world war three would pronounce ruin in every sense! It has been rightly said by an astrologer that nowhere in the world would there remain a family untouched by world war 3 where not a single death occurs! The death of 1200 million people would disturb mankind forever.

Dominated by ego, wanton desires and greed for materialistic riches... human beings forgot the basic values of human life. Come 2014... The year of Bhagwan Kalki... an Avatar of the modern era (God manifest in human form)... humanity would experience the dawn of the golden era (the golden period) when a pot of gold found in the backyard would not find a claimant!

Devoid of base values... humanity presently seems to have lost its meaning! Faith amongst each other at its lowest ebb... nothing seems to be in order. We are presently passing through the Kali Yuga phase of life (the dark period... the metal age) when the clock rings 4 a.m. in the morning! The moment clock strikes 5 a.m.... world war three would show its fangs!

Come 6 a.m.... the world witnesses' dawn of the golden era... a new chapter in the history of mankind! None can reverse the karma performed by the masses. The mass karma performed by 6500 million people world over would result in starting of world war 3. Everything in the cosmic system is governed by the law of karma!

Bhagwan Kalki... the annihilator of Kali Yuga would be one without a precedent. Mounted with powers almost like Lord Krishna... Bhagwan Kalki would succeed in re-establishing Dharma (righteousness) world over. Bhagwan Kalki... a commoner amongst us would have powers of a Chanakya coupled with that of man gods like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed!

In the present times even man gods like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed would fail! The society has reached such an end that things are to be dealt with firmly. Such would be the might of Bhagwan Kalki that almost 1000 million people would follow him blindly and another 1000 million people would express unequivocal faith in him.

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... One who realized self in his life time! Send your query!

A to Z of End of the World explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on 2012 can be found at :  ... Vijay Kumar - 5th June 2010.

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